Hi there!

I'm Mosessa

Born in 1988 in Seoul, Korea to German and Filipino parents, my family immigrated to Australia over two decades ago.

Growing up in the Gold Coast hinterland, my artistic journey started by taking inspiration from the surrounding native flora and fauna around my family home.

Having worked in the fast paced world of commercial illustration and design for over a decade, my paintings in contrast were are a great source of peace, joy and catharsis.

My artistic journey has been a long one and it took me many years through experimentation and play to figure out what my art should look like.

I have always been a bit of a dreamer and through my paintings I could combine my love for flora, fauna, bold colour and surrealism into playful and thoughtful pieces.

Through constant study and research I take great joy in portraying the living forms we co-exist with on this planet in my work. The natural world continues to be a boundless source of creative inspiration for me.

I hope my work brings you great peace and joy, as it has for me. Thanks for stopping by!